Best Curtain Poles from Metal and Wood: Pros and Cons

Curtain poles come with wide variety of shapes, styles and lengths. Usually there are two main materials which are used, those are wood and metal. Metal is also various such as copper, black nickel or brass stainless steel, wood is also various such as pine, oak, beech, mahogany, cherry or others. Both of these two main materials have strength and drawbacks.

Wood curtain poles are actually classic and natural. It can be finished with various colors of just left with its natural and rustic colors. It is actually stronger than plastic poles and it is biodegradable. But still, it has some lacks on how it is easily getting scratched so the pole will easily snap and buckle. It shows how the wood pole will not really last long.

Compared to wood poles, metal is so modern and contemporary. Curtain poles will be so durable when it is made from metal. It is strong and can support the heaviest curtains so you can hang on the curtains that are full with laces or ruffles. Still, it has lacks on how it will easily get rust and actually metal poles are not really versatile so it will be quite difficult to mix and match metal poles in your homes.

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